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Since 1998

- DoWire is your primary source for what's important and happening with the convergence of democracy and the Internet around the world. DoWire is a free, low volume, moderated blog and e-mail announcement list.

Launched in January 1998, DoWire connects over 2750 experts, practitioners, journalists, and citizens across 80 countries. If you are interested in democracy online - including politics online, new media, e-governance, e-government, online advocacy and activism, citizen e-participation and related topics, then join us.

Each week, well known e-democracy expert and speaker Steven Clift posts/forwards, with occasional analysis, carefully selected messages. Posts include news, article, and report web links, event and conference announcements, calls for papers, and often uncover important "primary source" online resources, projects, and initiatives of significance.

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- With my induction as an Ashoka Fellow in November 2006, I encourage you to donate to E-Democracy.Org if you find Democracies Online to be of value to you. While I will continue to accept paid public speaking invitations, with my fellowship I will no longer use DoWire.Org to attract consulting and research projects. Hence, DoWire.Org must now attract volunteers and sponsorship (particularly for the dynamic online communities of practice via DoWire Groups). Users of this site are asked to donate to E-Democracy.Org yearly to help justify the effort required to keep this site alive. DoWire is almost a decade old and I don't see it going away anytime soon. If you'd like to volunteer to help with DoWire.Org or E-Democracy.Org please contact me.

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